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Medical Imaging

Image processing can help to see what is usually not visible in standard conditions and enhances the potentiality of each image modality Images have radically changed the clinical practice in the last decades and we strongly believe that the continuos interaction between the clinical and the technical components can lead to solve open issues. We mostly work to improve radiotherapy treatments but we are open to any collaboration which involves the biological environment.

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Computer vision

Interaction between computers and real world requires a continue exchange of informations. A natural way to perform this interaction is to extract data mimicking the human perception. Because an Image is worth a thousand words.

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clinical engineering

We firmly believes that the healthcare system is one of the most complex environment and, consequently, requires special attentions in decisions planning and management, in order to ensure maximum safety for patient and healthcare operators. So, our research and professional activities also includes Clinical Engineering topics, such as Health Technology Assessment, hospital-related plants and electrical safety in medicine.


M. Spadea

ImagEngLab PI

P. Zaffino

Biomedical Engineer, PostDoc and Contractof Professor @ Magna Gearcia University (Italy). His topics of interest are medical image registration and medical image segmentation. He is a Plastimatch developer and he gave also his contribution to SlicerRT and ITK projects.

S. Scaramuzzino

Computer vision and Clinical Engineering Enthusiast. He thinks that medical imaging is the most revolutionary approach in human healthcare.

F. Amato

Full Professor

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