14 March 2016

Fractal analysis for angiography

In collaboration with

Cardiology Unit of Mater Domini General Hospital (Catanzaro) as a part of Cardiotech project (PON-POR)

Angiography is wide-used for assessment of peripheal vascular diseases, such as occlusions and neo-angiogenesis. We are looking for new biomarkers capable to give a quantitative information about states of this kind of disorders. Fractal dimension is often used in oncology in order to quantify the capability of a tumor to grow. We’re trying to correlate fractal dimensions to degree of growth of new capillaries in response of an occlusion. This challenge include the capability to stitch xray cineangiography in order to build a wide-field angiography. Another interesting task is the accurate segmentation of capillaries from low contrast reconstructed xray angiography.