24 March 2016



A.A. 2014/2015

restuccia Marzia Restuccia
Being awarded with an Erasmus Placement travel grant, Marzia spent 3 months at CIBM (Cèntre d’Imagerie Biomedicale) in Lausanne (Switzerland). There, she learnt fMRI techniques, taking part in experimental acquisitions on phantoms and voluntary subjects. She continued her work and her BSc work focusing on the optimization of strategies for fMRI data acquisition and analysis such as: investigation on best flip angle, data preprocessing for calculation of activation maps, compensation of breathing and heartbeat artifacts.


2014-12-09_19.06.34  Vincenzo Grillo
Vincenzo was selected for an external internship in the framework of the project “Messaggeri della Conoscenza”. He spent two months at Massachusetts General Hospital – Harvard Medical School in Boston (MA, USA) where he was involved in the generation of a synthetic phantom to be used for dose calculation purpose. He discussed his BSc thesis by generating proton radiography projections from the phantom for dose modelling with Geant4.


limardi.resized_77  Davide Limardi

During his BSc thesis @imagenglab he investigated a new approach for atlas selection in MABS applications. The technique relies on features detection on CT images based on morphology in the Head and Neck district.