17 April 2016

Maria Francesca Spadea


mfspadea at imagenglab.com

Sketch bio:

Maria Francesca Spadea graduated in 2002 in Mechanical Engineer at University of Calabria and she received a PhD degree in Biomedical Engineer in 2006 from Politecnico di Milano University. Since 2007, she has been Assistant Professor at the Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine of Magna Graecia University where she teach Medical Imaging, Bioengineering and Health Risk Managment. In 2008, she became a member of the Bioengineering PhD committee. She actively collaborate with the CartCas Laboratory of Politecnico di Milano University, with the European Institute of Oncology of Milano and with the Radiation Oncology Department (Physics Division) of Massachusetts General Hospital – Harvard Medical School (Boston), in the field of “Image Guided Adaptive Radiation Therapy”. Since 2011 she has started a collaboration with Neurologic Institute at CNR in Catanzaro, in the field of the neuroimaging and in 2013 with the haemodynamics group of University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro. She won several awards, the most prestigious being the Fulbright Fellowship in the Research Scholar category.
Her main research interests are the implementation and the validation of computational methodologies in the biomedical field for supporting diagnosis and therapy. Research lines can be summarized as following:
– Optical localization for patient positioning in radiotherapy and in surgery- Surface registration- Neural Network based approach for physiological events modeling- 4D image reconstruction- Medical image fusion and registration
– US feautures tracking
– Gated imaging (ECG based and respiratory monitoring based)
She is author of 25 papers published on peer reviewed international journals besides more than 60 abstracts and short papers presented at international conferences.