15 March 2016



A Public Domain Database for Computational Anatomy

version 1.4.1

This database is provided and maintained by Dr. Gregory C Sharp (Harvard Medical School – MGH, Boston) and his group.

The data here provided have been used for the “Head and Neck Auto Segmentation MICCAI Challenge (2015)”.
To cite the challenge or the data, please refer to:
Raudaschl, P. F., Zaffino, P., Sharp, G. C., Spadea, M. F., Chen, A., Dawant, B. M., … & Jung, F. (2017).
Evaluation of segmentation methods on head and neck CT: Auto‐segmentation challenge 2015.
Medical Physics, 44(5), 2020-2036.

PDDCA version 1.4.1 comprises 48 patient CT images from the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) 0522 study (a multi-institutional clinical trial led by Dr Kian Ang), together with manual segmentation of left and right parotid glands, brainstem, optic chiasm, optic nerves (both left and right), mandible, submandibular glands (both left and right) and manual identification of bony landmarks.
We give this data to the community in the hopes that it will be helpful. Any errors in delineation and markup are ours, and are not the fault of participating doctors.
Please see pddca.odt for complete information.
For practical reasons the database is split in 3 zipped files.
Part 3 contains images with some of the above listed structures missing.


PDDCA description

PDDCA part 1

PDDCA part 2

PDDCA part 3

Older versions (can contain bugged data):
v 1.4:        PDDCA-1.4_part1        PDDCA-1.4_part2        PDDCA-1.4_part3
v 1.3.1:   PDDCA-1.3.1_part1    PDDCA-1.3.1_part2    PDDCA-1.3.1_part3
v 1.3:       PDDCA-1.3_part1        PDDCA-1.3_part2         PDDCA-1.3_part3
v 1.2:       PDDCA-1.2_part1        PDDCA-1.2_part2         PDDCA-1.2_part3
v 1.1:       PDDCA-1.1_part1         PDDCA-1.1_part2         PDDCA-1.1_part3        PDDCA-1.1_part4



version 1.2

Using the PDDCA dataset Dr. Kanglin Chen (Fraunhofer Institute for Medical Image Computing MEVIS) has built the probabilistic atlas linked below.
The atlas, in addition to the mean anatomical volume, includes also the geometrical transformations, five bone landmarks and the probability maps of left/right parotids and of the brainstem.

The package is freely downlodable.

For further information please contact the author.

Head and neck probabilistic atlas

Older versions(can contain bugged data):
v 1.1:  Head and neck probabilistic atlas v1.1
v 1.0:  Head and neck probabilistic atlas v1.0