13 October 2020


From this webpage it is possible downloading COVID-19 CT dataset describerd at

Zaffino P, Marzullo A, Moccia S, Calimeri F, De Momi E, Bertucci B, Arcuri PP, Spadea MF.
An Open-Source COVID-19 CT Dataset with Automatic Lung Tissue Classification for Radiomics.
Bioengineering. 2021; 8(2):26

Please cite this paper if you use the dataset.

The dataset is made of 62 submillimetric CTs from 50 COVID-19 positive patients. Automatic lung tissue classification and clinical score are provided as well.
Code for experiment reproducibility and for new CT labeling is available at this GitHub repository.

ATTENTION: the dataset is provided under NON commercial licence CC BY-NC 4.0.

For practical reasons, patients are listed both as single folders and grouped in five zip files. However, the volumes are the same.

An xlsx document contains additional information about the dataset.

For any question please write to
p.zaffino @at@ unicz.it

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3.34 GB20 November 2020
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4.13 GB20 November 2020
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4.32 GB20 November 2020
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3.46 GB20 November 2020
Thumbnail for patients_41-50.zippatients_41-50.zip

3.55 GB20 November 2020


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