16 April 2016

Salvatore Scaramuzzino

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As an engineer, Salvatore likes to work with numbers, since they give him confidence. But he is also attracted by images, numerical images (of course!), because of the expressive power and the density of information that an image can include. He thinks that medical imaging is the most revolutionary approach in human healthcare. Therefore, he is very interested in investigating all the possible techniques to represent human anatomy and physiology, from physical principles to data process.

Consequently, his interests mainly focus on medical image analysis finalized to discovery and quantification of biomarkers.

During his master degree’s thesis, he had the opportunity to work in the field of radiotherapy.

He also firmly believes that the healthcare system is one of the most complex environment and, consequently, requires special attentions in decisions planning and management, in order to ensure maximum safety for patient and healthcare operators. So, his research and professional activities also includes Clinical Engineering topics, such as Health Technology Assessment, hospital-related plants and electrical safety in medicine.

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